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What Asel Luzarraga has endured is far from unique. Is yet another link in the never ending chain of repression against peoples and ideas. Nonetheless, there are a few complaints in Latin America that have the potential to be taken up by the IACHR and, surely, being from Europe, Asel’s is likely to be the only case of this kind. At present, what we see every day against the Chilean people is the same kind of State terrorism that once was directed against anarchists and the Mapuche people. In this way, Asel’s case opens up a small gap that points a finger at the Chilean State and extends international pressure against it. Freedom of expression and conscience must not be toyed with by the whims of the State. Because of this, your support is vital. As well as making a noise about injustice, this will help Asel gather enough courage during his journey, because all journeys, even those ones among the thorns, are walked better with someone else.

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